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Why didn’t my mama tell me that I would be in a transition for the bulk of my life??  I’ve been married almost ten years, but every day is new.   I’m a parent, but just when I get the hang of a routine, it changes. I’m sincerely hoping to positively impact this generation and the next.   I never really caught on to life in the ATL suburbs, but I have a feeling I’ll find my place as soon as I find myself.

I created this place to explore, process, and play.  So often I am trying so hard to make something “good” that it doesn’t have soul/feeling–or it doesn’t get created at all.  In college, I discovered I was a product painter.  My creations were only worthy if someone else validated.  Now, methinks it is time for something more.  I want to try for the sake of trying, experiment, and not worry about what the professor thinks.

Let’s explore the process.  Life is too messy and interesting to always be worried about how it’s going to turn out.  Let’s play.

There’s no right, wrong, too serious, too playful thing to put out there…    Say what you want to say.

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