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I’ve been reading my One Year Bible since April 24, 2019.  I don’t know why I started it that day, but I felt called to do so.  My One Year Bible has an Old Testament, New Testament, Psalm, and Proverb reading for each day.  Since I began in the second quarter of the year, my reading started in the prophets and ended in Revelation.  I didn’t keep up well around Christmas and Anniversary/New Year season, so now I am over a month behind reading Genesis/Matthew through the prophets.

I experienced a “God wink” when my reading of the description of the cherubim Proginoskes in A Wind in the Door by Madeline L’Engle lined up exactly with my daily reading of Ezekiel’s description of an angel.  The reading was November 4, but I’m pretty sure I was a couple days behind when I read Ezekiel and L’Engle on the same day.



Ezekiel 10:9 
I looked, and each of the four cherubim had a wheel beside him, and the wheels sparkled like beryl. 10 All four wheels looked alike and were made the same; each wheel had a second wheel turning crosswise within it. 11 The cherubim could move in any of the four directions they faced, without turning as they moved. They went straight in the direction they faced, never turning aside. 12 Both the cherubim and the wheels were covered with eyes. The cherubim had eyes all over their bodies, including their hands, their backs, and their wings. 13 I heard someone refer to the wheels as “the whirling wheels.” 14 Each of the four cherubim had four faces: the first was the face of an ox, the second was a human face, the third was the face of a lion, and the fourth was the face of an eagle.


It was awesome.  I am God’s child.  He knows what gets me really excited and creatively energized.  What a wonderful love note from God that day.

I am finding the more I look for “God winks,” the more I find them.  The more present I am in the moment, the more I feel God’s presence.  I look forward to more providential lining up of God’s word and its application to my life.





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