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We decided ahead of time to spend Friday night in my hometown and return to Atlanta late Saturday night after Nanny’s funeral.  My husband wanted to be back home in our bed that night and have the next day to decompress.

My eulogy went very well.  I had a funny part that I chose to sing which made me more nervous than usual, but it went well enough that one of my distant (old man) cousins asked me to sing it again before we left.  The eulogy had a nice balance of funny, informative, and sentimental.

After the graveside service, changing clothes, and eating the obligatory post funeral southern meal with the family, it was time to go.  I wondered if my mom would feel more comfort if I stayed and helped her put everything away, if I was there in the quiet the next day–but I was wasting my time pondering a “what if” that was no longer an option.

An hour and a half after putting my daughter to bed–and moments after falling into my own bed–I heard a thud followed by tears in her room.  I rushed in only to find she’d thrown up everywhere.  It was an “exorcist” scene where the child is screaming, everything is covered in puke, and I don’t know what to do first.


After cleaning the carpet, stripping the bed, changing sheets, bathing child, and settling back into bed almost two hours later, I found the blessing.  Thank GOD we went back home and my grieving mother didn’t have to deal with the horror while in such a delicate state.  (My daughter’s sleeps next to my mother’s room at her house, and I’m down two floors in the basement.)

While I haven’t blogged in almost six years, my life took an interesting path toward twelve step recovery in the last three.   I would have focused on the puke four years ago, but I am so grateful that today I can only see the blessing.  I had felt a twinge of guilt about leaving hometown “early,” but the events after getting home underscored that I had ultimately ended up in the right place.

Much easier to handle puke in a familiar environment…where you can find your hazmat gloves, heavy duty upholstery spray, and carpet scrubber.



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Why didn't my mama tell me that I would be in a transition for the bulk of my life?? I've been married almost ten years, but every day is new. I'm a parent, but just when I get the hang of a routine, it changes. I'm sincerely hoping to positively impact this generation and the next. I never really caught on to life in the ATL suburbs, but I have a feeling I'll find my place as soon as I find myself.

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