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Backspace, Backdate, and Underestimating Time

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I’m the queen of going back and writing a blog for the two days I didn’t write.

I committed to do this, I knew I was in the middle of frenetic funeral business, and I knew I would have to be out of town.  How did I talk myself into thinking I would actually have time for personal contemplation, copy editing,  and wit in the middle of a visit to hometown with all the family-of-origin fun and funeral pomp that goes with it?  Probably the same way I estimate time for getting ready in the morning.  No matter what time I wake up, I will inevitably end up rushing to the first appointment of my day.

I’ve never been good at estimating time.  I was born with a ridiculous level of optimism.  I can cut everything to the skin of my teeth because all will go as expected.  Has real life reinforced this idea?  Abso-lutely-NOT!

If I go by what always happens, I would leave myself an extra hour between major dayparts, and I would write a few blogs ahead of time instead of colossally wasting time on social media.  Is it optimism or denial?  This question could extrapolate rather beautifully across all aspects of my life.  Hmmmmmmm.  Maybe there’s another topic to put in the can to write about later!  Ba ha ha ha ha.


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Why didn't my mama tell me that I would be in a transition for the bulk of my life?? I've been married almost ten years, but every day is new. I'm a parent, but just when I get the hang of a routine, it changes. I'm sincerely hoping to positively impact this generation and the next. I never really caught on to life in the ATL suburbs, but I have a feeling I'll find my place as soon as I find myself.

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