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The Owl Tattoo

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Ok, I am writing this because I want to make sure I can do it.  I want to give my reply to an educated awesome smart and beautiful woman—the type of woman that intimidates me in an intelligent conversation, much less a philosophical discussion about the being upstairs…

Someone judged her for her owl tattoo.  She comes into contact with a “because I read it, bahhh bahhh because the preacher told me so ” type of Christian that ALWAYS F IT UP and end up beating people up with the God that they claim they love and actually IS Love.  My friend comes into contact with the flambeau that messes it up for gay folks, the ignoramous that messes it up for southerners, the tough skinned rapper who makes little old white ladies afraid of black people.  She came into contact with the caricature Christian.

So, here goes, I have a baby in the next room that needs to be nursed five minutes ago, so my faith distilled in a moment for my friend:

  • I don’t believe in God because of a book, and I don’t believe every word of the book.  (It wasn’t even a single book until after the printing press!!)  My faith isn’t about Jesus dying for our sins, it’s about Jesus living for our sins.  People killed Jesus—people that couldn’t handle radical acceptance, love, and rebalance of power.  People killed Jesus–People that didn’t want someone exposing the marketplace that Church had become (and has become again today).  People killed Jesus–the same ones that push everyone except for themselves away from the church.  For me, the piece that I FEEL and KNOW is that Jesus said “Forgive them, for they know not what they do,” as he was being subjected to the most radical pain that a human can experience.  Jesus was showing us how to live, what to focus on—GRACE.  Jesus was showing us to bear down through the pain in life so that we might grow to be above it.  To me, His GRACE takes away our sins, not his death: that He can forgive us, so we should forgive (Love) others.  Yes, I have “felt” God at pinnacle and valley moments, but that is when you need your parent: someone bigger than you, someone wiser that you, someone that has the big picture.

And, Owlly—

I have some feminist issues with the God set up, and without a doubt, I KNOW that the Holy Spirit is female.  Who else can take our babbling-ass prayers and make them acceptable, “What she had meant to say was…” and take God’s inconceivable answers to our questions and transform them into a feeling “everything is gonna be alright.”